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This online Quality Control resource provides lot-specific information, including pattern images, for AESQC IFA quality controls to help you maintain Immunofluorescence Assay quality in your laboratory.

This service is meant to support your laboratory in standardizing IFA testing and ensure that you give patients the most accurate results possible.

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Access high-quality reference images generated by AESKU during production of each  AESQC IFA lot,  for  comparison to results obtained in your laboratory.


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Compare your AESQC results to AESKU images

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Upload your images and results to our secure fully GDPR and DSVGO compliant server


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Compare anonymously your AESQC results to your peers


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Compare your AESQC results with your peer group. Visualize frequency


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Monitor your AESQC results , IFA patterns, intensity, and/or titer performance


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