The AESKULISA® product line comprises ELISA assays for all major autoimmune disease groups - from routine to research application. Offering more than 140 Kits, AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS has one of the widest portfolios of ELISA assays worldwide.

Different kit configurations provide clinicians with maximum flexibility by choosing the format that fits best to their diagnostic needs:
The simplest format is the single antigen assay, a single antigen coated plate and one antibody subclass for detection. In case of a combined determination of different antibody subclasses a check assay has to be chosen.

The screening assay allows the simultaneous detection of different antigens in one well. Antibodies against several antigens can be determined separately with a profile assay. Whereas the last both formats can be tested qualitatively, in single antigen assays and screening assays, the end user may choose between quantitative or qualitative analysis.


All AESKULISA® products follow the 'ONE' AESKU® CONCEPT Minimize Information

Asset 1 2"ONE" AESKU® CONCEPT To improve lab throughput and reduce time to diagnosis, AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS kits are designed consistently to use the same test procedure and common reagents, including sample buffer, wash buffer, substrate and stop solution.

Kit use is further simplified by breakable microtiter plates and ready-to-use reagents, that - as well as the kit itself- are all barcoded. Moreover, kits share the same cut-off and calibration ranges and all calibrators are concentration-dependently color-coded.

The use of common reagents in available ELISAs make AESKULISA® kits ideal for automation, saving space, cost and time by reduced loading and reagents’ preparation.

This assay protocol harmonization also minimizes the efforts needed to program the tests in different ELISA analyzers. These features are summarized as the "ONE" AESKU® CONCEPT.