6032 Cytomegalovirus IgG

Intended Use:

The AESKULISA Cytomegalovirus IgG is a qualitative and quantitative Immunoassay for the demonstration of human IgG antibodies in serum or plasma directed against Cytomegalovirus. The AESKULISA Cytomegalovirus IgG serves for confirmation of a contact with the pathogen as well as for immune status determination.

Recombinant Antigens:


Native Antigens:

Purified and inactivated Cytomegalovirus (strain AD-169)

Kit Configuration

Method: Elisa
Reference: 6032
Description: Cytomegalovirus IgG
Kit Configuration: Single - G
Cut Off: 8-12
Range: 3 - 100 U/ml
Standard: -
Antibodies: IgG