AESKUBLOTSAESKUCARE® Point-Of-Care test for determination of gluten associated specific IgA (human)

AESKUCARE® Gluten-Related Disorders IgA is a nearpatient (point of care) in-vitro immunoassay intended for the qualitative and quantitative simultaneous measurement of human-specific IgA antibodies against tTG, tTG neo, mTG, mTG neo, DGP, gliadin, Frazer’s fraction, TG3, and total IgA in heparinized or Na-EDTA venous or capillary whole blood, plasma, or serum. sIgA concentrations can be determined quantitatively by using a separately available reader or qualitatively by the naked eye.

  • Test kit includes all necessary equipment (test device, blood sampling kit, test reagents, etc.)
  • Hygienic – blood sample and reagents are retained within the device
  • Suitable for both, adults and children
  • Aimed at enabling diagnostics and saving time for health practitioners, diagnostic laboratories, nutritionists, dieticians and patients
  • Only 50μl of capillary blood are needed
  • Healthcare practitioners and nutritionists can test their patients during consultation, no waiting for laboratory test results
  • 18 months shelf life

AESKUCARE® Gluten-Related Disorders delivers test results at an unparalleled speed and precision.


Antigens per Kit

Gluten related disorders
9 (1 Test)