AESKUCARE® Point-Of-Care test for determination of specific human IgE

Our rapid allergy tests cover some of the most prevalent allergies, inhalation and food, worldwide. AESKUCARE® Allergy is ideal for healthcare professionals to screen their patients for allergies during consultation. AESKUCARE® Allergy results are semi-quantitative. Visual categorization into 5 levels enables classification of allergy results into respective sensitization classes.

  • Requires 2−3 drops of capillary blood (200 μl) from finger tip or earlobe (venous blood or serum/plasma can also be used)
  • Results in 30 minutes – readable with the naked eye
  • No additional instruments required
  • Kit comes with all necessary equipment –including lancet, blood collection capillary, test device and reagents
  • Comprehensive IgE in-vitro screening for 25−35 allergens simultaneously
  • Test for food and inhalant allergies –different panels available

AESKUCARE® Allergy is also ideal for testing as a secure alternative to common test methods that could lead to anaphylactic shocks and are not indicated, e.g. for pregnant women, children, patients with acute skin conditions or taking antihistamines.

AESKUCARE Allergy Tutorial Video (English Language)


Allergens per Kit

Allergy ONE
25 (1 Test)
Allergy TWO
35 (1 Test)
Allergy THREE
31 (1 Test)
Allergy FOUR
25 (1 Test)