830101-LV1 Food Intolerance

Intended Use:

AESKUCARE® Food Intolerance is an in vitro semi-quantitative enzyme immunoassay for the simultaneous measurement of food specific IgG4 antibodies to 57 food extracts/extract mixtures in heparinized or Na-EDTA treated human capillary whole blood, venous whole blood, plasma or serum.

It is intended for use as a point of care tool to support the diagnosis of patients presenting with various clinical symptoms associated with food intolerances. It is to be carried out by healthcare professionals experienced in the use of in vitro diagnostic methods.

The following languages are supported:
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Netherlands, Polish, Slovakian


Coated Antigens:

Wheat (f4), Rye (f5), Barley (f6), Oat (f7), Potato (f35), Soy (f14), Gluten (f79), Peanut (f13), Hazelnut (f17), Almond (f20), Banana (f29), Apple (f49), Pineapple (f52), Kiwi fruit (f84), Cacao (f97), Egg white (f1), Egg yolk (f75), Casein (f78), Milk (f199), Goat milk (f300), Sheeps milk (f325), Cod (f3), Tuna (f40), Tomato (f25), Lamb (f88), Coffee (f955),Mustard (f89)

Grain Mix 1 (fx87)
Buckwheat (f11), Amaranth (f811), Quinoa (f832)

Grain Mix 2 (fx602)
Corn (f8), Rice (f9)

Yeast Mix (fx451)
Baker’s yeast (f45), Brewer’s yeast (f450)

Fruit Mix 1 (fx88)
Lemon (f32), Orange (f33)

Fruit Mix 2 (fx90)
Strawberry (f44), Grape (f50), Peach (f53)

Fish Mix (fx97)
Salmon (f41), Trout (f930)

Seafood Mix (fx81)
Shrimp (f24), Squid (f176), Octopus (f819)

Legume Mix (fx144)
Pea, green (f12) | Bean, green (f950)

Vegetable Mix 1 (fx98)
Carrot (f31), Celery (f85)

Vegetable Mix 2 (fx99)
Cabbage (f39), Broccoli (f182)

Leek/onion Mix (fx96)
Garlic (f47), Onion (f48), Leek (f66)

Meat mix 1 (fx91)
Pork (f26), Beef (f27)

Meat Mix 2 (fx92)
Chicken (f83), Turkey (f143)


Box Layout:

Kit Content:

aeskucare package content s

Kit Configuration

Method: Point-Of-Care
Reference: 830101-LV1
Description: Food Intolerance
Allergens per Kit: 57
Tests per Kit: 1
Conjugate: IgG4 (human)
Category: Food

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