820101 Allergy ONE

Intended Use:

AESKUCARE® Allergy ONE is an in vitro semi-quantitative enzyme immunoassay for the parallel measurement of allergen-specific human IgE antibodies to 20 allergens and allergen mixtures in heparinized or Na-EDTA blood, venous or capillary blood, plasma or serum.

The test is intended to be a point of care tool for comprehensive first line in vitro allergy diagnostics in conjunction with other clinical findings, and is to be carried out by healthcare professionals experienced in the use of in vitro diagnostic methods.


Coated Antigens:

Common Ragweed (w1), Mugwort (w6), Timothy grass (g6), Rye (g12), Birch (t3), Cat dander (e1), Dog dander (e5), Egg white (f1), Milk (f199), Cod (f3), Wheat (f4), Peanut (f13), Soy (f14), Celery (f85), Almond (f20), Walnut (f16), Hazelnut (f17)

Grass mix (gx17)
Sweet vernal grass (g1), Orchard grass (g3), Ryegrass (g5), Kentucky blue grass (g8)

Ficus/Latex mix (kx1)
Ficus (k81), Latex (k82)

House dust mites (dx2)
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (d1), Dermatophagoides farinae (d2)


Box Layout:

aeskucare kit box allergy

Kit Content:

aeskucare package content s

Kit Configuration

Method: Point-Of-Care
Reference: 820101
Description: Allergy ONE
Allergens per Kit: 25
Tests per Kit: 1
Conjugate: IgE (human)
Category: Atopy

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