401005 Gluten-Related Disorders IgA

Intended Use:

AESKUBLOTS® Gluten related disorders IgA is a membrane based enzyme immunoassay for quantitative detection of IgA subclass antibodies against gliadin, DGP, tTG, tTG neo-epitope, TG 3, mTG neo-epitope, mTG and PT-Gliadin in human serum or plasma. Antigens are applied as lines on a nitrocellulose membrane at defined positions.

The test is used as an aid in the diagnosis of gluten-related disorders, which include, for example, celiac disease or non-celiac-wheat sensitivity. Samples from patients on a gluten-free diet cannot be detected with this test.

Coated Antigens:

Gliadin, DGP, tTG, tTG neo, TG3, mTG neo, mTG, PT-Gliadin, IgA-total

Strip Layout:

aeskublots food intolerance one image s

Kit Configuration

Method: Immunoblot
Reference: 401005
Description: Gluten-Related Disorders IgA
Tests per Kit: 24
Color Code: Blue - Yellow
Conjugate: IgA

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