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The SQII is a fully automated 2 plate ELISA Analyzer based on the Dynex DS2 instrument, but customized for AESKULISA® reagents.

The SQII* is pre-programmed and validated to run all AESKULISA® test kits developed and manufactured by AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS. Equipped with the AESKULISA® custom-made rack, you no longer have to transfer standards and reagents into new unlabelled vials.

By combining the SQII ELISA analyzer with AESKULISA® test kits you can maximize your automation efficiency while saving hands-on time and costs in unnecessary needed consumables.

The SQII was designed for efficiency and reliability. The system has only few moving parts, one multi-functional robot arm does everything: from pipetting to operating the barcode reader.

Versatile and truly innovative in its process simulation and ease of use, the SQII software allows the integration of automation in your lab with confidence. The simple, graphical interface enables every lab technician to use SQII with minimal training. The assay creator, with its drag-and-drop icons, walks you through the entire programming process, prompting you step by step, making set-up of your assays a breeze. Did you miss a critical process step? SQII will let you know before you can move on.

Designed as an open system, the SQII is capable of processing virtually any ELISA application - From clinical diagnostics, such as autoimmune and infectious disease, to food safety and drugs-of-abuse testing.

SQ II Processor

The SQII vertical design multi-plate carrier saves space, enabling a minimal footprint with maximum consumable storage:

  • 100 barcoded sample positions
  • 216 sample tips
  • 20 reagent tips
  • 96 dilution vessels in convenient 8-way strips
  • 32 calibrator and control positions
  • 1 large sample diluent bottle
  • 6 medium reagent bottles (AESKULISA® rack)
  • 32 standard control vials (AESKULISA® rack)


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SQII System

REF. SQII-1000  |  SQII ELISA Processing System


REF. SQII-3001  |  Dilution Strips (250x8-well)

REF. SQII-3002  |  Sample Tips Racked (4x108)

REF. SQII-3003  |  Reagent Tips Racked (4x108)

REF. SQII-3004  |  Reagent Bottles 20ml (24 Pack) for use with SQII/AESKULISA Rack

REF. SQII-3005  |  Standard/Control Vials 1.5ml (48 Pack) for use with SQII/AESKULISA Rack

REF. SQII-3006  |  Sample Diluent Bottles, 110ml (24 Pack) for use with SQII/AESKULISA Rack


* Manufacturer: DYNEX Technologies, Inc., Sullyfield Circle Chantilly, VA 20151, United States of America with the EC Representative DYNEX Technologies, Inc., Yeoman Gate, Yeoman Way, Worthing, West Sussex