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The AESKU.READER Software is specially designed to communicate with the HELMED® ELISA Software and to semiautomat the use of AESKULISA® reagents. This software manages the data of the HELMED® ELISA and the results of the AESKU® Absorbance Microplate Reader (AESKU.READER).

In addition, the AESKU.READER & Software can be used independently of the HELMED® system.

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  1. Position the processed microtiter plate in the AESKU.READER
  2. By starting the AESKU.READER Software the plate layout will be transferred automatically from the HELMED® ELISA Software.
  3. Start reading and calculation of the AESKU.READER
  4. Review the results
  5. Select report and print or save automatically


Using the plate layout from the HELMED® ELISA Processor will carry all the information from your sample, lots,
automatic processing data etc.

AESKULISA® tests are preprogrammed for the HELMED® ELISA Software and AESKU.READER Software.

Define and select your report style and view or print the results.

Tightest specifications during microplate reading: Precise, accurate and repeatable.

The on-board diagnostic self-test and calibration test plate makes it easy to confirm and document reader


The AESKU® Absorbance Microplate Reader can be used in conjunction with the HELMED® ELISA software, as well as a stand alone unit. The external software named Gen5 Data Analysis Software is inclusive.

The Gen5 Data Analysis Software offers a logical interface designed to easily flow from reading parameters, to plate layout, to powerful data reduction, and finally to flexible data output options. The results of this intuitive design, including the exclusive StepWise™ protocol and data reduction tools and the power of Gen5's data reduction, will be evident in increased laboratory efficiency.


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REF. HEL-1000  |  AESKU.READER Software, incl. Dongle, for communicating with the HELMED ELISA Software

REF. RDR-1000  |  AESKU.READER Hardware (external ELISA Plate Reader) incl. Gen5 Software