Best Paper Award AESKUMEDLAB 2020 - AESKU.GROUP highlights from the premier global laboratory and diagnostics conference in Dubai

Thanks to all the visitors, partners, and friends who visited us during the 2020 MEDLAB conference. AESKU had our full line of innovative automation platforms on display. We were highlighting our ability to be a complete laboratory solutions provider, helping us expand our business into many new countries. Read more...


This year we introduced three products - the HELIOS HTC, AESQC IFA, and our own HERA automation management software.

The HELIOS HTC module provides the highest level of IFA standardization by controlling humidity and temperature. So the devices' micro-environment is not affected by natural variations in daily and seasonal laboratory conditions. Now it is possible to perform our new IFA infectious disease assays on the same instrument as our autoimmune assays.

With our new AESQC IFA product line, users can ensure their test quality with sample and dilution standards for a wide range of IFA substrates. It is accompanied by, providing users with access to batch-specific reference images. It is allowing them to upload anonymized results and pictures for real-time Quality Assessment tracking.

Best Paper Award AESKUOur HERA software gives laboratories the ultimate flexibility to manage and optimize their unique workflow, regardless of size or complexity. It has been built from the ground up using the latest technologies and our unparalleled AESKU design. HERA can be implemented locally, over a network, or via the cloud to help laboratories access, track and manage their data and custom indicators anytime, anywhere.

Finally, on a regional note, our long business history in the Middle East region has privileged us to watch and participate in the strong development of the diagnostic industry in this area. That growth is evident in both demands for specific disease diagnostics and the ever-increasing MEDLAB attendance numbers.