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Best Review Paper Award goes to…

Prof. Aaron Lerner, Dr. Sandra Neidhöfer and Dr. Torsten Matthias received the Best Review Paper Award 2018 from the journal Microorganism with “The Gut Microbiome Feelings of the Brain: A Perspective for Non-Microbiologists Microorganisms”. Read more...



Many publications have focused on the brain to gut axis as a major contributor to human health, but the gut to brain axis - so far - merits equal attention.

However, the two axis refer to a bi-directional communication pathway, which encompasses multiple intricate systems, shaped during human evolution. It maintains homeostasis and protects the body against detrimental factors, thus establishing symbiotic relationships between bugs and men.

Several routes have been suggested to deliver information from the intestinal tract to the brain including neuroanatomical, neuroendocrine, immune, macrobiotic, and the gut and brain barrier pathways. The present review reflects a gastroenterological view and focusses on the enteric eco-events that impact brain performances.


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