stifteverband aesku kleinAESKU receives "Innovative through Research" award - Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft awards research seal

Since 2014, the Stifterverband acknowledges research companies that embrace their special responsibility for state and society with the "Innovative through Research" seal. Now Aesku.Diagnostics has received the award for its research competence and innovative abilities. Read more...


The Stifterverband honours AESKU's commitment to research and development and rewards the company with the seal of approval "Innovative through Research". In an annually conducted survey, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), research-based companies are interviewed on the nature of their research and development activities.

AESKU´s strategic investments in the Field of Research and Development once again prove that research and innovation play a Key role in the corporate´s culture. According to the Stifterverband, there are 3.5 million companies in Germany, however, the number of research-based companies is less than one percent.

With this innovative strength, these companies generate major growth that, in turn, has a most positive effect on a countries future viability. 3,000 companies, business associations, foundations and private individuals are members of the Stifterverband.

The Stifterverband finances its charitable activities exclusively through the contributions and donations of its members and sponsors. Thanks to this completely private funding, the Stifterverband is independent and can act unbureaucratic, flexible and free of government influences.

The Stifterverband is a joint initiative of the business community. It advocates the sustainable improvement of the German education and research landscape.

In order to achieve this goal, the Stifterverband supports universities and research institutes and talents, analyses the scientific system and derives recommendations for politics and economics.